Nikola Znaor


3rd Semester 2011/2012

Construction, Material & Technology

with Ömer Pekin

Professor: Michelle Howard, Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Arch. Assistant: Christian Fröhlich, Dipl.-Ing.

Exhausted! addresses the problem of energy loss within our cities. It is a plastic structure placed on an exhaust of a building, to capture the warm air and to visualize it in order to emphasize on this problem. After extensive research about pneumatic structures and ways to handle the material and construction, 152m2 of polyethylene plastic foil was transformed into a structure with 2 rooms.

It was inflated from the exhaust next to the Audimax building of the Technical University of Vienna. Exhausted! recycles the warm air from the exhaust by creating a comfortable space for those who need a warm place in the city.

Exhausted! has the intention to remark the amount of air and energy that is wasted in the city and its potential to be recycled.

This is not a solution for a specific problem, it is a little step and contribution to emphasize on the problem of energy losses and the way creativity could be used for challenging the problems of today.

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