Nikola Znaor

Flushing the Periphery

3rd Semester 2014/2015 MArch

Ecology, Sustainability and Cultural Heritage

Professor: Univ-Prof Mag. Hannes Stiefel

Assistant: Mag. Dominik Strzelec

Treating the periphery as an area that supplies the city and serves for exploiting resources and housing the city’s undesired infrastructure is the attitude that has been present in city planning. The new ways of habitation shifts this attitude and deals with the surroundings’ dynamics building up a dialogue between the environment and architecture, the project focuses on living with the most important resource for habitation – water. The proposed structure exemplifies how these important dynamics of the environment can be visualized and architecturally articulated. By gradually developing an urban scheme that develops in the rhythm of the city, avoiding for a new periphery be created, it retains the qualities of both the city and the rural realm, avoiding the creation of the periphery in a negative context. The dynamics of the water respond to former problems of wrong attitudes on the site creating an architecture that interacts with the elements on various scales, from the landscape to the home.

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