Nikola Znaor

Favoriten - The Self-made Mile


1st Semester 2013 / 2014 MArch

History, Theory & Criticism

with: Avin Fathulla & Lukas Wulz

Professors: Stefan Bendiks, Aglaée Degros


Vienna's Favoritenstraßen is a pedestrian area located in a quarter heavily influenced by migration. But, as we quickly found out, it is also defined by unofficial niches, temporary spaces and self-empowered Commerce.


It was this spirit, that we wanted to enable, to bring into the limelight. Within the framework of an urbanistic research project, we therefore  tried our luck at becoming entrepreneurs on Favoritenstraße. One thing, that wasn't being sold at the time of our experiment, were canvas bags. So we decided to use them as mobile billboards, that would be carried around the city to spread our word.


To make a long story short: We set up shop, started producing bags and learned a lot about the hard economics of Favoritenstraße.

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