Nikola Znaor

Transforming the Skeleton

2nd Semester 2011 BArch

Analogue & Digital Production

Professor: Wolfgang Tschapeller  MA

Assistant: WernerSkvara,Mag.

The studio was called Ping Pong which stands for the process that bounces between the analogue and digital world. Ping, for example, is within the world of analogue tools. Pong, then is the rebounding of Ping into the digital realm. Ping Pong is not giving a topic. Ping Pong is rather suggesting a process (a dialogue) in which analogue and digital methods are alternatively used to explore, construct and describe properties of space, material, programme and environment.

One had to choose a material of certain dimensions and a certain weight. The choice was MDF. Starting with an interior which is not fully known, not fully exposed, only characterized by what we can see on the surface, one starts to interact with the material.

Exploring new grounds within the initially given volume, one adds new spaces according to a given space allocation plan as well as inhabitants. The interaction of spaces, their functions and their inhabitants is studied. Using the possibilities of parametric design with a constant feedback from the analogue world a system of multiple components was created. In the digital world with different settings of rules in the modelling environment. The analogue with simple pieces of mdf connected in a certain order with rubber band to enable the formed “skeleton“ to come to life. The construction of a living space resulted both in an imaginative realm as well as in a horizontal and vertical one.

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