Nikola Znaor


4th Semester 2011 BArch

Ecology, Sustainability & Conservation

with Avin Fathulla & Ömer Pekin

Professor: Hiromi Hosoya, Univ.-Prof. MArch BA. BFA Assistant: AntjeLehn,Dipl.-Ing.

Extension Building for a Primary School in Vienna with the intention of creating a multifunctional space including a new gym. Our proposal was therefore based around the notion of interweaving spaces, where areas and functions flow into one another. Spaces that can be used in different ways and arrangements. Accompanied by custom designed furniture, that would allow a reconfiguration of the spaces within minutes.



The interior appears as one big and bright space, that can be viewed from multiple angles, creating the possibilities of arena and theater settings.




The modular furniture allows to create secluded spaces for indidual tutoring or may be used as stageprops for schoolplays. The furniture intentionally continues with the idea of the weaving and can be stacked into one another to be able to free up most of the space.



The whole structure is made up of prefabricated glue laminated timber, that is quickly assembled on site. As not to disturb the teaching in the school.

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