Nikola Znaor

Nikola Znaor (1991) finished his Master of Architecture (MArch) degree with a major in Ecology, Sustainability and Conservation at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Institute for Art and Architecture. In 2013 he was awarded the degree Bachelor of Architecture (BArch), from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna – the oldest architectural education institution in Austria.

His projects have been exhibited across Europe and published in numerous books, publications, magazines and online media. Nikola has won three international prizes for a responsive shading system, for which he has a patent pending: the 1st Prize at the Adream2012 competition,  in 2014 the 6th Prize at the Holcim Awards “Next generation”, which counts as a global reference for excellence in sustainable construction, and in 2016 the James Dyson Award for Austria. He has presented his work at multiple universities, workshops and events globally, and has held lectures at the Faculty of Engineering in Zagreb, the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Technical University Vienna and in New York City  (Holcim Lab) .


















































































































Full Name: Nikola Znaor

Place of birth: Zagreb, Croatia




Dutch & Croatian (legal dual citizenship)



Master of Architecture

Institute of Art and Architecture Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Bachelor of Architecture

Institute of Art and Architecture Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


Dutch, Croatian, English, German



1st Prize “Adream 2012 Architecture and design

using renewable and ecological materials”

Category “Architecture Student”


6th Prize Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction, "Next Generation" Europe, 2014


National Winner James Dyson Award Austria 2016



Rundgang - Institute for Art and Architecture

Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria


UnderScapes - Rock Salt Mine

Loulé, Portugal


Wiener Wunderkammer 2014

Technische Universität,  Vienna, Austria


2G13 – 20 Jahre Fakultät Gestaltung

Bauhaus University ,Weimar, Germany


Regional Council of Picardie Committee of the Regions Brussels, Belgium


DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2013

Berlin, Germany


Printemps de l’Industrie

Amiens, France


ecobat 2013

Paris, France


ambiente 2013

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Thüringer Landesvertretung;

Berlin, Germany


"H is for House"

Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen - Faculteit Architectuurwetenschappen; Antwerpen Design Seminars and Lectures; Antwerpen, Belgium



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Znaor, N., 2012 Bridge Over Troubled Water. In: Condak, C. and Herold, D. (eds.) Danube Island Interventions.

Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien




EP14165178.6 (pending) “Responsive shading system sensitive to solar exposure powered by air“









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